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Targeted Technology Solutions, LLC (TTS) is an award winning company that provides custom technology solutions for "special needs" user groups. The "special needs" technology market segment includes children, senior citizens, and individuals that are physically disabled.

TTS is currently focused on developing products and online properties to encourage creative computer use among young children aged 12 months to four. Thse products are branded under the name "myPC™" and "TechStart™" and stimulate the end users response to a simple yet important question: IS YOUR PC TODDLER (USER) FRIENDLY? This question is translatable to all forms of technology and TTS sees itself as a leader in this new genre of technological advancement.

As an example, the myPC™ brand of keyboards distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a washable, spill proof device designed to correspond with and enhance children's cognitive ability, especially as it relates to early technology based learning. There are currently no other products on the market that offer this combination of unique features.

All of the tools produced by TTS incorporate elements that will assist parents, educators and software developers with increasing children's ability to have a more menaingful experience while interacting with technology and technology based education.

  The myPC Stage One Keyboard is a personalized computer keyboard designed especially for toddlers' learning styles and lifestyles!
  • Unique features include: SPILL PROOF design, washable/removable cover, slightly larger rubberized keys and tough exterior to withstand the messiest of computing experiences.
  • The Stage 1 Toddler Keyboard is ideal for two year olds to preschoolers and the perfect start to their technology experience.
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